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Using Magi

The Basics

Essentially, using Magi you collect client and booking information in booking forms and compile a series of standard letters that you wish to send to your clients.  Magi then combines these client and booking details with your standard letters, to produce documents that can be printed or emailed by the click of a button.

By applying powerful Contact Management features, Magi utilises the booking information to help you get more clients and more bookings.

Getting Started

How do I enter my client and booking data?

Booking details such as date of enquiry, date of show, fee, venue and client’s details, are entered into a Booking Form. If you have several kinds of show e.g. close-up magic, stage show and children’s show, you can enter a show type enabling you to filter out these shows later, if required. 

Use the Booking Form to record show duration, show start time and source of enquiry as well as notes about the venue, any of the client’s special requests, directions and even parking arrangements, giving you a complete record of each enquiry that you receive.

Children’s Entertainers can record lists of tricks performed, prizes given, and games played.  Record the birthday child’s name and age, and any siblings too, and MAGI will use this information to help you get repeat bookings using the “Contact Management” feature.

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What are Standard Letters?

Standard Letters are letters and documents that you wish to send to your clients, such as information sheets, biography, contracts and thank-you letters.  These are written using a “Word” like text editor and saved as templates in MAGI. Standard Letters use the information from the fields in the Booking Form, such as date of show, fee, client’s details and venue address, to generate personalised documents to send or email. 

It’s so easy to create standard letters for all of your acts and shows.

Standard letters demo screen


Can I use my own logo in my Standard Letters?

Yes, and if you have different logos for each act that you perform, then each standard letter that you create can have it’s own logo - so your children’s show “Mr.Silly” can have its own set of standard letters with logo and artwork, whilst your corporate shows “Mr.Sophisticated” can have its own too.


What about email and attachments?

All Standard Letters can be either printed or sent by email. You can also attach additional files such as a photograph, or biography.

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Magi is the answer to all of your prayers... the perfect one-stop solution for organising your bookings.

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