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Enter potential venues and clients, categorise them using a category such as “agent”, “corporate client” or “theatre” (or any other category that you wish to use) and let Magi sort these contacts into mailing lists.  Use email, or labels to mailshot your contacts and when they respond, easily locate them using search fields.  Then, when a booking is made, convert the contact into a client with a click of the mouse. Now you can send any standard letter without having to re-enter data.

Children’s Entertainers

Magi will produce lists of up and coming party dates of children between selected ages, enabling you mailshot in time for the next party. Think how many bookings this could produce!

Other types of Entertainer

Magi can be used by all types of entertainers, not just magicians. Singers, musicians, bands, comedians and public speakers can all use Magi's features to help organise their bookings. Instead of recording "Tricks" a singer would list their songs and a comedian his jokes or routines.

Buy Magi and get an edge over your competitors!

Get directions to your bookings

Magi has a "get directions" feature built into Booking Forms enabling you to download directions and a route map from your default office address to the venue address. (Not shown on video demo)
An internet connection is required for this function.

Outlook and PDA Synchronisation

When you print a confirmation letter, Magi will automatically send the booking details to Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

This function can also be activated manually; for example when an agent uses his own contract and you do not send your own confirmation but still want the booking details to be sent to Outlook Calendar.

PDA Synchronisation

If your Outlook Calendar synchronises with your PDA or mobile phone, then you will have your booking details with you at all times!  Perfect for those occasions when you forget to take your client’s address and telephone number with you to the show!

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Magi is the answer to all of your prayers... the perfect one-stop solution for organising your bookings.

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