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When you purchase MAGI you will be provided with a PDF file instruction manual, explaining how to set up and use MAGI

We urge you to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully, as any questions you may have should be answered in the manual. Context sensitive help is also available within the MAGI application.


If you encounter a problem not covered in the manual or the Frequently Asked Questions below, then please email and we will endeavour to help you but please ensure that you have read the instructions carefully, otherwise we may have to charge for this service.

Frequently asked questions

Q What is the system requirement needed to run MAGI?

A Intel and 100% compatible processors are supported. A Pentium 166mhz or faster with at least 64MB of physical RAM is recommended. You will also need a minimum of 98MB of free disc space.

Q Will MAGI work with my Apple Mac?

A Currently this application is currently only available for IBM compatible PC’s

Q What version of Windows do I require?

A Supported versions of Windows: Vista, Windows 2000 (SP3+), Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional (SP1+), Windows Server 2003 Editions.

Q I have different email addresses for each of my acts. Can I send emails from each act from different addresses?

A MAGI supports this feature, but only if using Microsoft Outlook 2007

Q I have placed the cursor over the icons coming out of the MAGI top hat and nothing happens!

A The images are not icons, merely artwork and not intended to shortcut to functions. Use the Title Bar to access Magi’s features.

Q I am multi lingual and perform for both English and Spanish speaking audiences. Can I set up Standard Letters in Spanish for my Spanish clients?

A Standard Letters can be used to set up documents and contracts in almost any language (check technical support first) Magi will merge the client and contact data into any of the documents that you have created.

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